Nature & Rhythm of Brazil A unique system of sand dunes and turquoise lagoons, Lençóis Maranhenses is an otherwordly place to explore on foot + by Jeep. Wild Brazil Lençóis Maranhenses National Park JOURNEYS Luxury Island Hopping in Galapagos Land + Sea in the Galapagos Imagine exploring pristine remote islands with style. Island Hopping Santiago, Galapagos Islands JOURNEYS Patagonia On Horseback Patagonia Awaits Vast expanses. Charming mountain towns. Stylish lodging. This is Patagonia. Family Time Patagonia, Argentina JOURNEYS Ecuador's Amazon – Parque Nacional Cayambe-Coca, Ecuador Ecuador's Diversity Will Amaze You Adventure at the headwaters of the Amazon basin. The Power of Water Ecuador Toucan Coca, Ecuador JOURNEYS Wellness Experiences-Latin Excursions Nature's Vibes in Costa Rica Relax. Detox. Connect with yourself. The Art of Wellness Guanacaste, Costa Rica JOURNEYS Zuletenas Embroidering Incan Culture + Hospitality Let the Zuleteñas, living ambassadors of ancient Incan culture, unlock the Andes and their craftwork. Tradition & Craft Hacienda Zuleta, Ecuador JOURNEYS

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Wisdom In The Jungle

The Amazon Amazes: river adventure, exotic birds and indigenous connection




Travel With Purpose

Latin Excursions travellers can now be connected with NGOs in all our destination countries


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A favourite lodge owner and hero of tortoise habitat is redefining tourism in the Galapagos




The Oceans

A local fisherman takes us to see multiple species converge in a dazzling feeding frenzy



Let’s Help Drive

The Shift to Sustainable Travel and Wellness

We believe travel and tourism should be based on a commitment to people and planet. We treat locals as partners, we only work with travel operators who pay people a living wage or better, and we ally with travel innovators working to protect habitat.


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Chile, a sliver of a nation wedged between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean, offers an unparalleled array of natural landscapes and cultural experiences. From the arid Atacama Desert to the icy fjords of Patagonia, this South American country captivates travelers with its geographical diversity and rich heritage….
Chile’s diverse landscapes demand a meticulously planned packing strategy to ensure travelers can comfortably transition from the arid Atacama Desert to the icy reaches of Patagonia. This packing guide is your comprehensive companion for preparing for Chile’s multifaceted environments, ensuring you’re equipped for urban exploration, outdoor adventures…
Determining the best time to travel to Chile hinges on a multitude of factors, including regional climates, peak tourist seasons, and the array of festivals and activities that one wishes to experience. The most opportune time to visit this South American gem is during its shoulder seasons…
Chile’s wildlife is a vibrant tapestry of biodiversity, woven with unique species that are a testament to the country’s ecological richness. With a high level of endemism and a diverse range of ecosystems, Chile is a living laboratory for conservationists and nature enthusiasts alike….
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The Amazon Amazes: river adventure, exotic birds and indigenous connection

Wisdom In The Jungle

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From Quito, Ecuador, a small plane takes us into the heart of the Amazon jungle.

Our story of adventure is about to begin. Here, on the Eastern edge of the great Andes Mountain range, the Amazon’s vastness expands seemingly in all directions. This is truly one of the world’s great ecosystems. If we are to feel truly refreshed, even changed, by our travel experiences, what better way to do it than to get off-grid, and paddle into otherworldly places. When we land we meet our river guide, Diego. He is a sinewy man with generous eyes. He smiles in our direction, with an easy confidence. You get the sense that he has done this many times before: taken adventurous souls into Ecuador’s Amazon.

While we have arranged a river houseboat for our journey (with comfortable sleeping quarters), it is the canoe portions on the river that seem to set the scene and tug at our hearts. Canoes are as old as civilization itself, dating back to around 8000 BC. There is something about plying one of the Amazon’s great rivers under manual power, led by guides whose families have lived here for 1000s of years. We are on the Rio Napo, one of the many tributaries that feeds the mighty Amazon River. Endlessly recharged by its source in the Andes, the Napo flows east, crossing through Peru and then into the Brazilian jungle.

Canoeing on Rio Napo at sunset

It is remarkably quiet here.

When no one is talking, you hear only the soothing sounds of paddles in water. But it is never long before a bird takes off from a branch and cuts high, or cuts low across the water. With over 1500 species of birds, Ecuador offers more bird diversity than any other country in the world. Before arriving, we talked much about Ecuador’s incredibly colorful macaws. The brilliant reds, greens and blues of their plumage, and how they like to fly in twos. It would seem even birds enjoy “the buddy system”.

Canoeing on Rio Napo at sunset

Diego points at some section of jungle. A rustling, low in the tropical branches. Is it a jaguar I ask? Could be, he says, but probably not. Historically, Ecuador’s jaguars lived in large numbers along Ecuador’s Pacific coast, but loss of habitat (coastal deforestation) has stressed these populations. With a hint of pride, Diego notes that efforts to protect jaguars on the Amazon side of the Andes mountains, as well as in the Cloud Forest, are working. Perhaps we will yet catch site of one of these majestic cats at water’s edge.

A journey to a place like this has become more desirable in the last couple of decades, as we seek out untouched places. But still, it doesn’t get the numbers that, say, Costa Rica does. Perhaps the longer flight and the “exoticism” of South America are perceptual barriers. This place though. It’s the real deal. It’s about as remote as you can get in the Amazon. It transports you to planet Earth millions of years ago. Before Twitter. Before the wheel. Before language.

The Amazon has over 1100 tributaries; 17 are over 1,500 kilometres long.

One thing is for sure, without our guides, we wouldn’t last a week. But this serves to heighten the magic of it all. From the moment we hopped into the small plane that spirited us from Quito, over the Andes, we have been trusting others. And at the heart of this trust, lies the very best of us all. It has a way re-orienting your soul. We are being welcomed and shown around. And this is a special honour, a new bond. Which … foreshadows an amazing thing that will happen in the days ahead. An indigenous community will host us in the jungle. The Huaroani people. We will get to meet and spend time with a great story teller whose family has lived here for thousands of years.

The Huaroani people in ceremonial garb

How will it begin? A casual meeting and an exchanging of sacred words?

Will we eat meals together? Will kids be running about and perhaps show us their jungle backyard? Will we share in some daily tasks? How do the Huaroani maintain their way of life, despite the vigorous encroachment of industry? Perhaps above all, how to orient our minds so that we are being respectful.

All of these questions go to the heart of why we are here. To reckon with the modern world and reconnect with the needs of the planet. This delicate balance that so many of us walk – being both part of the modern world with our devices AND trying to be better citizens of the world – this balance has so much to do with kind of stories we tell ourselves.

If the future health of our planet hangs in the balance, then perhaps we ought to be listening to those who have found a way to respect and care for the natural world.

This is why we have come here. To rediscover what ails and heals us. Behold …. The Amazon.

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Latin Excursions travellers can now be connected with NGOs in all our destination countries

Travel with purpose

Latin Excursions announces a new and exciting initiative: Travel With Purpose

Under this umbrella, we are connecting visitors, keen to make a positive impact, with Latin American NGOs that are actively helping struggling communities to prosper. We see this as an important 21st century story: how people from many walks of life are using their travel dollars to shape a better world. In the 1950s, the passenger plane set world travel in motion. 70 years later, you can book a flight at the touch of a button and 1 billion people travel internationally every year. Our travel dollars really do have a huge role to play in creating change. As a travel company, the more we can link travellers with the work of NGOs, the more we can spread awareness, create a bridge between different societies, and drive sustainable tourism practices. This is particularly important for combatting the corporate exploitation of delicate natural resources (which disproportionately harms indigenous communities and the less affluent).
Red-footed booby habitat in Galapagos mangroves

Travel clients who choose to work our Travel With Purpose concept into their itinerary have all sorts of options, ranging from shaping a journey that has net zero environmental impact, to doing actual volunteer work. Supporting a local community while visiting a new place makes an extraordinary adventure even more meaningful.

Whether you’re planning a honeymoon or a family vacation, we can suggest different ways to Travel With Purpose. Two examples of NGOs that we partner with who have volunteer opportunities are Lifting Hands Foundation and San Vicente de Paul Children’s Shelter.

Lifting Hands Foundation

Lifting Hands Foundation, based in Costa Rica, seeks to improve the quality of life of people living in high social risk communities, through volunteering and donor support. We change the lives of men and women and, at the same time, sensitize our family of volunteers and donors. Lifting Hands teaches workshops and weekly lessons on different topics, looking for sustainability and long-term impact.

Teens who have benefited from Lifting Hands often become volunteers themselves

San Vicente de Paul Children’s Shelter

Founded in 1876 in Quito, Ecuador, San Vicente de Paul Children’s Shelter is designed to guarantee quality temporary reception for boys, girls and adolescents according to their stage of development and specific need. Dedicated staff and volunteers provide for 70+ young people who all eventually will be found a family to live with.

Children gathered in San Vicente de Paul’s courtyard

All itineraries include activities and lodges that Protect Habitat and Support Living Wages

Increasingly travellers are seeking responsible travel. More than a niche choice, we see this as a growing trend with moral dimensions. On-the-ground, we’re also seeing more and more boutique lodges in areas of pristine natural beauty opting to use local, eco-sustainable materials as well as architectural plans that blend buildings into the landscape for an unobtrusive presence. Many are also committed to providing stable, well-paid employment and business opportunities for local communities. Luxury tourism can and should be a positive force in the economic development of travel destinations. Your Latin Excursions itinerary puts these principles in motion.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

As a travel company, we encourage our clients to bring their own reusable bottles, straws, coffee mugs, and to eliminate the use of plastic; reducing the amount of waste left behind at the destinations they visit. Together we can create a better planet for future generations through responsible adventure travel. Latin Excursions’ special access to rare experiences in fairly wild, pristine places are largely thanks to locals and property owners who truly care. Let’s support them and leave no mess behind.

Talk with us about integrating our Travel With Purpose concept into your next journey.

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A favourite lodge owner and hero of tortoise habitat is redefining tourism in the Galapagos

Partnering with Eco-visionaries
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Reyna Oleas arrived in the Galapagos Islands as a naturalist. And it wasn’t long before her vision touched both education and eco-tourism.

As soon as Latin Excursions’ founder Eric Sheets heard about Reyna, he was booking a flight to go meet her. In the video above, Eric is on Reyna’s Montemar eco-property talking with Reyna about her vision of how tourism and habitat protection can share a purpose.

Rewind though. When Reyna first arrived in the Galapagos she opened the island’s first environmentalism-focused elementary school named Tomas de Berlanga. The idea was to leave a sustainable education model aimed at educating young people about the conservation of the Galapagos Islands. Once Tomas de Berlanga was operating well, she shifted her focus to opening a boutique hotel named Montemar. The idea was to demonstrate a model of eco-sustainable building in fragile environments. 70% of the materials used in her construction are locally sourced, her property protects seasonal migration routes for the Galapagos Tortoise and the Montemar grounds are a working bio-farm. Reyna’s environmental building designs are meant to inspire business owners and policy-makers to benchmark and incorporate eco-sustainable design.

Montemar is a minimalist, luxury retreat on protected tortoise habitat in the Galapagos.

While visiting the Galapagos, your itinerary can include staying at Montemar. This is how we change the world: by using our travel dollars to support local visionaries who are protecting their country for future generations.

Talk to us about Montemar and similar eco-stays for your next journey.

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The Amazon Amazes: river adventure, exotic birds and indigenous connection

Wisdom In The Jungle

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The Galapagos Islands are one of the world’s great untouched places. It offers travellers a chance to get remarkably close to wildlife, above and below the water.

If we are to become well-spoken advocates of protecting the world’s oceans, we have to stake out a part in our brain that knows something about what happens under the waves. So … what if you could witness numerous marine species, together in one spot, doing what all living creatures do: putting together a meal?

About a decade ago, during our own travels through the Galapagos, we heard through word of mouth that a certain fisherman or two were willing to take travellers in their own fishing boats, at just the right time of day, to witness one of the most amazing sights in the animal world: a marine feeding frenzy.

We jumped at the chance, and found ourselves meeting a gracious fisherman named Juan. Employing only sustainable fishing practices, Juan makes most of his income fishing yellowfin tuna, mahi mahi, wahoo, amber jack and Galapagos grouper. Juan says he is also increasingly finding folks like us who will pay him to transport us to the San Louis Seamount, the place where we will throw on our masks and get into the water. A “seamount”, we learn, is an underwater mountain formed by volcanic activity, a biological hotspot hosting a diverse array of aquatic life.

When we arrive, there doesn’t seem to be much going on. Of course, we know it is all happening below the water’s surface. We aren’t far offshore. You can see lots of Galapagos shoreline. Everyone is excited to get snorkelling as we suit up and defog our masks.

Small characters at the San Louis Seamount

Once in the water, with our trusty snorkelling guides, we are quickly met with a world of colour. Numerous species of fish. Turtles lazily swimming the warm waters munching on the odd thing and friendly marine iguanas also known as Sea Dragons. We snorkel in these shallow reef waters for a while in anticipation of the Main Act that is about to follow.

Larger characters at the San Louis Seamount

Fast forward about 45 minutes and we are now in a slightly different spot. All of us in the water. And then … it just begins. Larger fish and sea lions begin to corral thousands of smaller “bait” fish. The sea lions show off their agile athleticism darting through the water with playful grace, like experts in a great dance, a ballet of sorts. Marlin have arrived. And they are not small fish at all.

Marlin and a sea lion corral bait fish

It seems to be picking up pace. A ray shows up. A second one. Wow. They are truly exotic looking creatures, with their sleek wingspans and effortless gliding that seems to tap directly into the laws of physics. I promise myself I will learn more about rays as soon as we’re back to wifi.

Manta rays

Despite how close we are, we all feel remarkably safe. None of these creatures are interested in us. They are interested in their favourite scrumptious lunch.

A blue-footed booby all of a sudden breaks the surface above, diving for its lunch. Other boobies follow suit.

You’re left with the distinct sense that an ecosystem like this … is just that. A remarkable system. A natural system. Multiple species participating and playing their role, their effects mutually reinforcing, ensuring the ongoing health of this underwater community.

Sometimes Galapagos penguins show up to secure their lunch.

Latin Excursions invites you to come with us to the San Louis Seamount in the immaculately well-protected Galapagos Islands. This experience is a great way to help local fishermen support their families. Any outdoorsy person seeking authentic, locally connected luxury travel experiences will find a treasure trove in the Galapagos Islands. This place widens your soul.

Talk to us about integrating this experience into your Galapagos journey.

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