Best Places to Visit in South America for 2020

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As the end of 2019 approaches, we would like to take a moment to thank each of you for your ongoing support of Latin Excursions. We are continuously seeking out the most rare and unique experiences in South America to offer you, and this year we made great discoveries. That is why we have compiled some of our favorite finds for the new year. 

Ilha Grande Brazil

Central & South America Travel Ideas for 2020:

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Brazil’s Hidden Gems

Get ready for a journey through southern Brazil by entering the country through Rio de Janeiro and stopping in Paraty and São Paulo before reaching Pantanal. In November we visited this region to update our Hidden Gems of Brazil pre-designed journey and pave a new route. We discovered a unique blend of city visits, beach/island hopping, culinary outings, and wildlife viewing experiences starting in Rio de Janeiro and ending in Pantanal. Rio is a great introduction to Brazil, but the adventure really begins with a visit to Paraty — a true colonial gem. Idyllic and located on a fjord-like coastal area with tropical rain forests between São Paulo and Rio, this region is rich in history and one of the finest locations in Brazil. We combine this visit with a fascinating farming experience in the mountains, a visit to a private island in a spectacular setting and island tours that will dazzle you and leave you wanting to explore Brazil further.

After exploring Paraty we take you further south to São Paulo and continue via small plane to Caiman Ecological Refuge in Pantanal — the best destination for a South America safari where you can see jaguars and other unique animals in their wild habitat. Our Founder Eric Sheets described the remote region of Pantanal as:

“a unique wildlife gem that compares to Galapagos Islands in the sense of the proximity of getting close to wildlife. There are many opportunities for animal sightings here from the majestic jaguar to the blue hyacinth macaw. This is a region with potentially the best sightings on our planet to see a jaguar and is a rich prime safari experience on the continent of South America, so get ready to disconnect from the city and reconnect with nature in southern Brazil’s ecological treasure.”

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Galapagos Islands for Families and Groups of Friends

Are you ready for the ultimate family or reunion villa experience in Galapagos Islands? One of our most exciting new travel program in 2020 comes in the form of a seaside villa on San Cristobal Island in the Galapagos Islands. In October our sales team made a visit to this property, only to realize that it is now the top land-based accommodation in Darwin’s Archipelago. When you book a 5day/4night stay with us here, we include two full-day boat tours to neighboring islands on a private-charter yacht (12 passengers max) and a day of land excursions to the sites of your choice on Isla San Cristobal. making this a completely exclusive experience for your group. Visit our website to learn more about Villa Galapagos 4.

Villa Galapagos 4 is perfect for those coming off of a yacht charter, like the Grace or Passion — a few of our favorite boats in the archipelago. If you and your group would like an island-stay combined with a few nights at sea, consider the Elite boat 4day/3night itinerary to board after your stay at the villa. Traveling with a group in Galapagos is the way to go in 2020, so allow us to help create your dream journey to Galapagos and be prepared to see what the entire world was like two million years ago on this remote, exclusive adventure experience.

Galapagos Catamaran

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Panama’s Caribbean: Sail to San Blas Islands

If Panama isn’t on your list of destinations to visit in 2020, then it is time to reconsider your travel plans because we have some great new offerings. Last June we joined our friends at El Otro Lado to find more insider access experiences near Portobelo and quickly realized that this region is highly overlooked in many aspects. Our new itinerary “Panama’s Caribbean by Catamaran” takes you through the through the same waters that English pirate Sir Francis Drake once navigated, from Portobelo Bay to San Blas Islands and back through Gatun Lake.

For centuries, the Guna Yala people have lived on the San Blas Islands, and their culture is still vibrant today. When planning your dream journey to Panama with one of our travel designers, make sure to ask us about this experience for a day of cultural immersion.

best way to get to san blas islands panama

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Panama to Cartagena by Catamaran

Imagine yourself navigating through the remote Caribbean alongside white-sand islands with healthy reefs to snorkel with your best friends or family. Sounds nice, right? We have created a new journey where you sail from Portobelo, Panama to Cartagena, Colombia on a private-charter catamaran with a captain, chef, and guide with you the entire time. From Our Panama’s Caribbean by Catamaran program combines perfectly with the following pre-designed journey in Colombia. Although, instead of arriving by plane in Cartagena, now you have the option to arrive via catamaran from San Blas Islands. Talk about showing up in style! For a glimpse of what this experience is like, view the attached video “Crossing the Caribbean by Catamaran

*The route we design for your itinerary will depend on the time of year you anticipate going. From December to April, we recommended that you go from Cartagena to Panama, and from May to November vise-versa.*

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Colombia’s Colonial Gem

Are you ready to explore Cartagena and one of Colombia’s colonial gems? Cartagena is an exciting entry to Colombia, similar to the vibe of New Orleans with live music, dancing, and art on every corner, you won’t have a hard time meeting the friendly locals. Barichara is a historic small town in the Colombian Andes with boutique hotels and villa opening the doors to sustainable tourism, helping benefit the locals and providing them with jobs.

These two destinations that combine well logistically and offer a variety of experiences from salsa dancing, rum tasting, culinary adventures, colonial city tours, hikes, and much more. Captivating colonial towns, exotic Caribbean islands and tantalizing cuisine; this luxury cultural tour of Colombia promises to be a feast for all the senses. There’s no end of cultural hotspots to discover across the country, but this sample itinerary focuses on two hubs in northern Colombia so you can really get under the skin of each region. This program is ideal for anyone looking to visit Colombia in style, while taking the road less traveled with excellent service, logistics and accommodations along the way.

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New Destinations Coming Soon:

Antarctica, Bolivia, & Costa Rica

We are excited to announce in 2020 we will be offering journeys to Antarctica, Costa Rica, and Bolivia all which will be on our website soon. Make sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest and stay tuned!

visit antarctica 2022

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