South America is truly a land of riches – from astounding landscapes that are a testament to nature’s power, to the charming culture and energy of its peoples, to a storied history that stretches to 9000 B.C.

You have to see these places to believe them. Ride horses through Patagonia’s sweeping grasslands punctuated by uniquely shaped mountain peaks. Further north, near the center

of the continent, the Amazon jungle elbows up against the magnificent Andes mountain range. It’s a place of sound, color and energy: the chance to see leopards on the prowl at dusk, cascading waterfalls  that tumble impossible heights, and verdant valleys that house the architectural ghosts of ancient civilizations. Meanwhile, cities and towns enchant even the most traveled of urbanites. For city-lovers, we can choreograph a delightful urban mix of world-renowned cuisine, architecture, music, and UNESCO world heritage sights.

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