Brazil Travel Tips

By ~ Eric-Sheets 

Although South America consists of 13 unique countries, the behemoth Brazil geographically comprises about half of the land area. That’s a large destination! For your next trip to see some of the most famous landscapes, festivals and beaches in the world, take note of these helpful tips to get you make the most of the opportunity!

Go in the Summer: One of the best times to visit Brazil is during the Northern Hemisphere’s summer from May to August. This is the low travel season, meaning there are fewer tourists, lower prices, and more availability. Also, June hosts one of the country’s most celebrated festivals named Festas Juninas throughout Brazil, a rural and religious gala full of costumes, music, and dancing.

• Seek Peace in the Amazon: While the New Years and Carnival seasons are in the very high season and full of crowds, you can still find peace and quiet in Brazil in the Amazon during that time. The jungle is still a burgeoning and exciting destination, and you can obtain a wide variety of options without paying the premium of high season rates.

Have Fun in the Sun: Want to go somewhere with guaranteed sun? Fernando Noronha, a set of 21 islands about 220 miles from the mainland known as Brazil’s Galapagos, can be visited all year round with certain sun. The archipelago is a declared UNESCO World Heritage Site and is ideal for spotting exceptional birds, sea tortoises, dolphins, and more. Diving is also world-class here, with wetsuit not needed and visibility often reaching as far as 160 feet.

• Find Something New at Lençóis Maranhenses: If you are looking for a destination out of the ordinary in Brazil, look no further than Lençóis Maranhenses. This national park is not technically a desert, but the immense sand dune landscape sure alludes to Saharan dreams. In fact, it is due to the many showers in the rainy season that allow for the juxtaposition of sand dunes alongside crisp freshwater lakes! Try going on a 4×4 or quad bikes tour, or perhaps even a jaunt by boat.