Chile Travel Tips

By ~ Eric-Sheets 

Will your trip to Chile be your first, or a return to an old favorite? Whichever the case, be sure to keep these top 3 Chile travel tips in mind for an unforgettable and well-prepared vacation!

1. Learn Chileno: Standard Spanish might be the official language, but colloquially, Chilenan Spanish is what you’ll find on the streets. This unique dialect has its own special blend of vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, slang, and loanwords inspired by indigenous language such as Quechua in the Andes and Mapudungun in the south. Chileans are very proud of their speak, so don’t hesitate to ask them what they mean!

2. Toast to Great Wine Itself: Chile is one of South America’s most prominent wine producers, famous in particular for its red flows. The local cabernet sauvignon is a frequent hit, and those wanting to see the fruitful wineries for themselves should plan to visit Chile’s fertile central region.

3. Pack Well: This geographically lanky country includes environments such as the high Andes, the dry Atacama desert, verdant wine country, sunny beaches, and the colder portions of Patagonia in the far south. It is important to consider the various climate zones you might be visiting on your trip to Chile as you carefully pack so you aren’t left at a loss in its magical, remote destinations!