Chile appeals to many travel tastes, but especially to those seeking intimate encounters with some of the most pristine areas on our planet. Stretching more than 4000 kilometers, our private Chile tours offer travelers postcard-perfect scenery, world-class trekking, and refined wine culture.

Those with at least two weeks will be continuously rewarded by the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of this vibrant and geographically diverse country. Our private Chile tours feature tranquil and ethereal deserts, bohemian cities, and stunning mountain peaks. And don’t forget the ancient and mystical allure of Easter Island.

Each of our private in Chile tours is masterfully choreographed with special local access and impeccable service.

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Land of Contrasts

What type of traveler is ideal for Chile

Patagonia - Chile, Argentina or Both

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Chile’s beauty lies in its extraordinary geographic extremes. The result is a remarkable odyssey that will dazzle your senses. Few areas of the world are as dramatic in landscapes as the long slivery country of Chile.
In the north, the drifting silent sands of the Atacama Desert reveal ancient remains of lost indigenous civilizations. Further south, gentle landscapes of orchards and vineyards producing Chile's delicious, internationally renowned wines surround the energetic capital city of Santiago, where Spanish influences from the colonial past mingle harmoniously with contemporary architecture. Punta Arenas, Patagonia impresses with gigantic, creaking glaciers and amazing salt flats at the foot of this amazing country.
Adventure, luxury travelers and families that love nature are perfect for the experiential land of Chile.
With great infrastructure and unforgettable outdoor experiences, this Latin American country is a bucket list for many travelers wanting to immerse themselves in some of the most pristine and untouched natural environments. Be dazzled by Chile’s stunning geography and five-star hotel lodges situated in remote areas.
Patagonia is shared by both Chile and Argentina. Here you can enjoy nature and still received amazing treats of leisure such as relaxing spa treatments, Jacuzzis and heated pools in stunning, luxury lodges.. Enjoy gourmet meals and vintage Chilean wines after spending the day wine tasting in the Colchagua Valley vineyards.
Explore the breathtaking active adventure capital of Pucon or Los Lagos Region, surrounding the rocky and monstrous Puerto Montt, while enjoying a variety of outdoor adventures such as trekking, mountain climbing, biking and horseback riding. The clear glacier streams that dot the countryside will take your breath away. Discover archaeological remains and giant petroglyphs from pre-Columbian and even pre-Inca civilizations in the otherworldly Atacama Desert - the driest desert on Earth.



Chile Travel Guide

Welcome to Chile, a country of great natural beauty, fascinating culture, and diverse landscapes. Located in South America, Chile is a land of contrasts, offering travelers a unique opportunity to explore an array of ecosystems in one place. With its long coastline stretching over 4,000 kilometers, Chile boasts some of the most stunning beaches, coves, and inlets in the world.

For adventure seekers, the towering peaks of the Andes offer opportunities for skiing, snowboarding, and mountaineering, while the vast Patagonian wilderness provides endless hiking trails and opportunities for wildlife watching.

Our Chile travel guide offers tips to help you plan an unforgettable adventure in Chile!

Things to See and Do in Chile


Chile has a wealth of things to see and do, and you could spend months exploring the country. Here are some of the must-see attractions and activities for your Chile vacation:

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Best Time to Visit Chile

Chile is a year-round destination, and the best time to visit depends on your interests. Ski season is from June to August, while summer (December to February) is perfect for Patagonia. Wine lovers should visit in the fall (March to May), and wildlife sightings are best in spring (September to November). Book in advance for peak season (December to February).

Chile Travel Packages

Whether you're looking for adventure, relaxation, or a bit of both, there's a Chile travel package to suit your needs. From luxury tours to budget-friendly options, there's something for every traveler. Latin Excursions offers a range of Chile travel packages, including custom itineraries designed to meet your specific interests and needs.

Getting Around in Chile

Chile has a well-developed transportation system, with buses, trains, and domestic flights connecting major cities and tourist destinations. For those looking for more flexibility, renting a car is also an option. Taxis and ride-sharing services are widely available in major cities.

What to Know Before Traveling to Chile

Chile is a beautiful and unique country, but there are a few things you should know before traveling there:

Most visitors to Chile do not need a visa, but it’s important to check the visa requirements for your country before traveling.

The official language of Chile is Spanish, so it’s helpful to have some knowledge of the language. English is also spoken in tourist areas, but it’s always a good idea to carry a phrasebook.

The currency in Chile is the Chilean peso. US dollars are widely accepted in tourist areas, but it’s best to exchange your money for pesos for local transactions.

Chile is a safe country for travelers, but it’s important to take the same precautions you would in any major city. Be aware of your surroundings, avoid carrying valuables in crowded areas, and be cautious when using public transportation.

Chile has a varied climate, ranging from the driest desert in the world to sub-Antarctic temperatures in the south. It’s important to pack accordingly for the specific region you plan to visit.

Chile has a rich cultural history, and it’s important to respect the local customs and traditions. Dress modestly when visiting religious sites, and ask permission before taking photos of locals.

By keeping these things in mind, you’ll be well-prepared for your Chile vacation and able to fully enjoy all the amazing experiences Chile has to offer.



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The personal knowledge you and the travel agencies you work through brought to this trip really made it special. The hotel choices were perfect, especially The Singular where we enjoyed a wonderful violinist playing in the park across the street. The choice of vineyards was also excellent. Their red wines were quite distinctive. And of course, all of the guides and drivers were professional and knowledgeable. Thank you and your whole team for making our trip a memorable experience. It truly did exceed our expectations.”

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