Many people overlook mainland Ecuador en-route to and from the Galapagos Islands, and this is truly a shame. Our private Ecuador tours show you a small country with incredible biodiversity and distinct regions all worth discovering.

There is just so much to do in Ecuador. In the Andean highlands, indigenous villages and excellent hiking opportunities abound. The vast Amazon rainforest features intimate and wild nature experiences accessed via jungle hikes and canoe rides. The Pacific coast has its own chill rhythms, where laid-back beach towns and waves attract international backpackers and surfers. And, of course, the infamous Galapagos Islands offer visitors unequalled, face-to-face experiences with unique wildlife, plus the chance to do some of the most luxurious island-hopping the world has to offer.

Each of our private in Ecuador tours is masterfully choreographed with special local access and impeccable service.

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Quito & Cuisine

The Amazon Rainforest

Land of Hummingbirds

Avenue of the Volcanoes

Quito's historical center, or "Old Town," is the most picturesque and interesting part of the city and is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is considered the best preserved historic center in Latin America and seems worlds apart from the more modern areas of the city outside its borders.
The historical center has cobblestoned streets, expansive plazas, and impressive churches and monasteries that reveal a mix of Spanish, Italian, Moorish, Flemish and indigenous influences. In this neighborhood, you will find a few heritage boutique hotels and a 5-star beautifully restored historic mansion, all of which have a lot of local flair. Ecuador's coastal cuisine is seafood-heavy and ranges from the famous ceviche, or raw fish marinated and "cooked" in citrus, to seafood simmered in coconut and garlic lime sauces. The coast also uses a lot of plantains and the bolon de verde, or fried green plantain dumpling stuffed with cheese, is a staple breakfast item. In the Andean region, you will find much more pork, yucca, potatoes and varieties of corn, from fresh corn humitas to fried or baked whole pig, to llapingachos, or fried mashed potato pancakes. Due to the chillier climate in the highlands, soups are also core to the Ecuadorian Andean diet, and of course the cuy, or guinea pig, is considered a local delicacy. The Amazonian cuisine of Ecuador incorporates a lot of exotic fruits, yucca, plantains and river fish. The most typical dish from this region is maito, or slow-steamed fish in bijao leaves. Ecuadorian cuisine is truly a feast for the senses!
In Ecuador, the incredible Amazon jungle is most accessible than in any other Latin American country. It is also home to a remarkable biodiversity -- one acre of rainforest may be home to 70,000 species of insect.
There are approximately 800 species of fish, 350 species of reptiles, including anacondas and iguanas, over 300 species of mammals, including monkeys and jaguars, thousands of species of plants, trees and insects and an estimated 1600 species of birds - more than double the number of all of North America. With trained guides you can take in all of these natural wonders all day and unwind in one of the area’s comfortable lodges. Kids of all ages especially love the rainforest as there are unique, one-of-a-kind experiences in the jungle which you will never have the opportunity to enjoy elsewhere, like seeing a chattering troop of wild monkeys pass overhead. Enjoy a half-hour flight or 5-hour drive from Quito to the exquisite biodiversity of the Amazon Basin. The renowned Yasuní Biosphere Reserve, unique to Ecuador, is believed by many to be home to the most diverse set of species on the Earth. Take in Ecuador’s legendary bird watching, including the spectacular toucans, macaws and tanagers. Visit the home the Taromenane and the Tagaeri tribes, who remain untouched by the modern world within the borders of the Yasuní National Park. Savor the region's traditional cooking in the Amazon, visit the pristine Yasuní National Park, where a controversial oil reserve lies underneath, or the Sumaco Napo-Galeras, Cayambe-Coca and Llanganates nationally protected parks of the Ecuadorian Amazon. The protected Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is home to the beautiful Garza Cocha Lake.
Ecuador is an ecological phenomenon. It is no larger than the state of Colorado but ranks among the top ten most ecologically diverse countries in the world and is the only country in Latin America where you will see the most biodiversity per square mile.
Due to the variations in altitude from its position on the Equator and close proximity to the Andes Mountains, Ecuador contains nearly all of the climate steps in the world. It is also a wonderful place to watch and identify many species of birds including the country’s distinctive, brightly colored colibries (hummingbirds). The colibries are found in nearly every type of habitat from sea level to the country’s city centers to the high altitude Andean regions and 5000-meter glaciers. Marvel at these attractive birds’ ability to survive high up in the Andes by diminishing their heart rate and dropping body temperature by 25° Celsius to conserve energy in the cold and often freezing paramo nights.
The mainland alone is home to over 25 volcanoes (some active, some semi-active and some dormant), many of which offer top-notch hiking and climbing possibilities in unique settings.
The impressive Avenue of the Volcanoes links the capital, Quito, to the colonial cities of southern Ecuador, including architectural gems such as Cuenca. Wild mountain scenery and indigenous villages, untouched by contemporary life, make for a fascinating journey into the past when travelling through these dramatic southern highlands. Ecuador is a playground for adventure enthusiasts. Banos, at the foot of Tungurahua Volcano, is the country's adventure mecca, where travelers can find adrenaline-pumping activities like puenting (bridge jumping), canyoning, excellent whitewater rafting, downhill biking, rock climbing, zip-lining, parasailing and more.





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8 days /
7 nights
Price: $3,741 / person
Discover the wonders of Ecuador from highlands to Amazon on a captivating expedition. Explore Quito’s UNESCO heritage, Otavalo Market’s crafts, and Andean landscapes. Then, venture into the Amazon rainforest, witness parrot…
10 days /
9 nights
Price: $7,470 / person
Experience the best of Ecuador and the enchanting Galapagos Islands with our Mainland & Galapagos Land-based option itinerary. Discover the historical charm of Quito, explore the picturesque Northern Highlands and Lake district, and…
12 days /
11 nights
From: 450 / person / day
Combining the best of Ecuador’s mainland with a land-based tour of the Galapagos Islands is a unique and memorable alternative to the traditional Galapagos cruise options. This combined Ecuador and Galapagos itinerary will first explore the…
10 days /
9 nights
From: 650 / person / day
This unique Ecuador itinerary is not only a must-do tour for wildlife lovers, but anyone keen to combine two of the best experiences in South America: a luxury Amazon river cruise and voyage around the Galapagos Islands. Ecuador is home to thousands of…
11 days /
10 nights
From: 800 / person / day
To tour Ecuador and visit the Galapagos in one spectacular vacation is always going to be a unique and memorable experience, and this itinerary is no exception. The tour takes in the High Andean beauty of Riobamba, Cuenca and the Las Cajas National…
14 days /
13 nights
From: 600 / person / day
World-renowned as Darwin’s playground, the ‘Enchanted Isles’  of the Galapagos are home to one of the most remarkable wildlife viewing experiences on Earth, having evolved with absolutely no fear of human visitors. This expertly crafted itinerary delivers…
15 days /
14 nights
From: 750 / person / day
Nature lovers can check off everything on their bucket list with this comprehensive two-week adventure of Ecuador’s Andes mountains, Galapagos islands, and Amazonia. What could be better than exploring the Andes–Western World’s highest peaks…
9 days /
8 nights
From: 500 / person / day
Nature lovers can check off everything on their bucket list with this impressive mix of Ecuador’s Andes mountains and the Amazon jungle. What could be better than going directly to the Andes, the Western World’s highest peaks with rich coffee…

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The nineteen suite La Selva Lodge lies in a rainforest paradise overlooking the glassy waters of Lake Garzacocha and bordered by Yasuni National Park, one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet. A pioneer of the first Amazonian eco-lodges in…
Deep in the Amazon, on a pristine 5,000-acre ecological reserve, hides the luxurious eco-friendly Sacha Lodge. Hidden amongst the trees, built directly upon Pilchicocha Lake, the dense wildlife creates a vibrant backdrop and magical curtain into…
At the edge of the great Añangu lake, surrounded by pristine rainforest, rests Napo Wildlife Center, one of Ecuador’s most beloved ecolodges. As the only lodge located inside the mesmerizing diverse Yasuni National Park, guests experience Ecuador’s rich…
At the edge of the great Añangu lake, surrounded by pristine rainforest, rests Napo Wildlife Center, one of Ecuador’s most beloved ecolodges. As the only lodge located inside the mesmerizing diverse Yasuni National Park, guests experience Ecuador’s rich…

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The Anakonda is the only luxury boutique cruise of Ecuador’s untamed Amazon. Leisurely cruising an area of astounding biodiversity…

Thank you so much for the book on Atacama Latin Excursions gave us. The photos are wonderful and it will indeed remind us of our trip. Thank you also for the lovely anniversary surprise waiting for us in Quito. It was the perfect ending to a long day of travel. The personal knowledge you and the travel agencies you work through brought to this trip really made it special It truly did exceed our expectations.”

~ Maryls & Dutch Stapelbroek Ecuador 2017/2022

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