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Galapagos Travel Experiences: As Unique as the Islands are Remote

If you and yours are looking for a relaxing and incredibly private getaway in a pristine destination, let us remind you that the Galapagos Archipelago—situated some 600 miles west of mainland Ecuador—has remained just such a destination well before and since its accidental discovery in 1535. Unlike Tomas de Berlanga, the then Bishop of Panama who mistakenly arrived on the remote islands en route to Peru from Panama, your journey to the islands should be with absolute intention.

Here we provide you with two stand-out experiences to be had in the Galapagos to give you a taste of what’s to be experienced—however, do keep in mind that these islands offer an array of activities. So whether you like to savor each moment and travel slowly like the Galapagos Tortoise, or move seamlessly from land to sea like the area’s marine iguana, this archipelago has something for every type of traveler.

Paddle Alongside Wildlife in the Itabaca Channel

Perhaps the best way to get to know the distinct islands is by finding your rhythm paddling down the calm turquoise waters or testing your balance for a laidback stand up paddle session. Separating the Baltra and Santa Cruz islands, the clarity of the Itabaca Channel reveals the marine biodiversity found beneath the liquid surface—including white tipped reef sharks—while the picturesque surrounding environment of red mangrove forests and lava cliffs stun you with their natural beauty.

Families traveling with younger children will revel in strengthening their bond through adventure as they share a two-seat ocean kayak and witness a display of wildlife unique to this remote pocket of the world. And while it may seem daunting to the unaccustomed, stand up paddleboard is a great way to build focus and strength—not to mention, gain a new perspective of the natural world.

Why You’ll Love It:

Rich with wildlife on land and sea, venturing down these waters will give you the privileged opportunity to spot numerous curious creatures year round, such as the blue-footed boobies, who have yet to develop a fear of humans.

Private Yacht to the Iconic Bartolome Islands

As you head to Bartolome Islands aboard the comfortable and swift Windrose—the only luxury boat that provides such navigable tours—this part of the journey will become a memorable moment for both you and your family.

Disembark upon the islet (an area of just .5 square miles) and hike up its volcanic cone to take in one of the most scenic views of the surrounding Galapagos Islands and the breathtaking landscapes of Bartolome. Accompanied by a local guide, it is also an opportune moment to learn about the volcanic origins of the Galapagos Islands. Afterwards, a dingy ride along the crystal clear coastline of Bartolome is a sure moment to witness the Galapagos penguin, an exciting way to wrap up the day before heading back to the yacht for a gourmet meal.

Why You’ll Love It:

Embark on an adventure that is exclusively yours and those in your travel group while navigating the Galapagos Islands aboard a chartered yacht.

For the latest on our health and safety protocols and the adaptive measures taken by the Galapagos Islands, please contact us— —and one of our travel designers will contact you directly.

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Not Yet Ready to Pack Your Bags?

Bring the taste of the Pacific to your home with Maito de Pescado, just one of the many dishes inspired by the sea that you will sample while staying at the ecoluxury villas of Montemar in the Galapagos. Meaning “wrapped fish,” maito is a traditional Ecuadorian dish that highlights the natural flavors of the fish. Typically accompanied by rice or root vegetables such as yuca, give the recipe a try:


– Tilapia Filets

– Salt

– Banana leaves (3 per fish filet)

– Natural fiber (for securing packaging)


1. Light your grill.

2. Clean tilapia then season with salt on both sides.

3. Clean banana leaves. These will be used to wrap the fish, so if they need to be made more flexible simply heat over the fire until they bend more easily.

4. Using three banana leaves per filet, wrap each piece of fish then tie securely with natural fiber. Place on the grill for 20-25 minutes, allowing heat to steam fish.


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