Finding Paradise in Corumbau, Brazil

By ~ Eric-Sheets 

Sometimes, it is necessary to take a vacation from vacation.

Whether you are looking for some time off from bouncing between numerous destinations in South America or need a break from the roar and rumble of Rio in June and July 2013 due to the World Cup, Brazil’s Corumbau is perhaps the ultimate escape. It is geographically exclusive, historically rich, and seems to be the result of Mother Nature’s creative streak.

The nearest airport to Corumbau is found in Prado, about 45 minutes to the south. From there, only private transfers can get you to this little corner of heaven on earth.

Flush with sparkling clear waters and picture perfect tropical flora, exclusivity and privacy are the keywords here. Each luxury pousada offers visitors ample space from the rest of the world, a hidden nook where it is just the sun, the sand, and your loved ones.

One of the most popular reasons to make the trip out to Corumbau is to seek out humpback whales in the open ocean – the southern Bahia state is infamous for these majestic creatures not to mention boat trips to observe vibrant coral reefs and expertly led excursions into the nearby Monte Pascoal National Park. Hiking, bike rides by the water, and kayaking complete your vacation whether it’s a romantic getaway or a family trip. Looking back into history, it was here that the Portuguese first landed in Brazil in 1500; we are not surprised they were charmed into staying!