Galapagos Cruises: The Ultimate Experience for Privacy and Discovery

By ~ Eric-Sheets 

For visitors to the Ecuadorian archipelago, Galapagos cruises are the ultimate travel experience. Offering top comfort, privacy and personalization of your itinerary, a chartered or shared yacht will enhance your journey in one of the most pristine and unique places on Earth. The spark for Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, visiting the Galapagos’€“’€“a collection of 60 islands and islets’€“’€“is a rare opportunity to traverse ancient lava fields and white sand bays, and come into contact with endemic species of the plant and animal world that have yet to develop a fear of humans.

Match this infinitely intriguing destination with an extraordinary Galapagos cruise and you can be sure this will be one of the most rewarding travel experiences for your family or group of friends. From privacy and health, to comfort and flexibility, consider the following benefits and perks of Galapagos cruises’€“’€“be it on a shared boat or private charter’€“’€“for your upcoming adventure.

Maximize Privacy and Security

One of the perks of Galapagos cruises has always been the added amount of privacy to what is an already remote destination. Now more than ever, the idea of steering away from crowds and congested areas is not only attractive but important for health and security reasons.

Aboard a private Galapagos cruise your travel group can relish in indoor and outdoor spaces that are exclusively for your use. Let your group spread out, find your preferred nook and gather once again to share meals, impeccable sunsets and excursions on land or sea. Having your own vessel makes each day’s adventure a richer, truer reflection of who your group is. And with minimal distractions, you gain a privileged experience of the amazing and remote Galapagos Islands.

Chartered or shared Galapagos cruises are one of the safest travel options in the area as the assigned team of staff will ensure hygiene measures are strictly adhered to. In fact, all of our Galapagos partners’€“’€“from boat to villa owners’€“’€“are trusted professionals that we speak to regularly. Each of the recommended vessels used for Galapagos cruises are rigorously inspected and disinfected before and throughout your journey.

Be the Captain of Your Journey

Passengers aboard chartered Galapagos cruises are seemingly promoted to captain in terms of flexibility and personalization.

Opting for an exclusive Galapagos vessel means we can tailor an itinerary to suit the activity levels and needs of your group. By land and sea, there are numerous ways to experience the Galapagos Islands and we are more than happy to make recommendations based on our expertise and local contacts.

Of course, your first and all-important decision will be choosing the vessel for your Galapagos cruise. And just as varied as the activities to be had on Galapagos cruises are the vessels themselves: from simpler, more economic options such as the first-class Nemo, to the apex of luxury like the spectacular Stella Maris and Grace yachts.

Trusted and award-winning, our first-hand knowledge of the best boats in the Galapagos means we can present the best fit for your budget and group. After all, embarking on a Galapagos cruise is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and every detail counts.

Exclusive Experiences

The luxurious experience on board one of our Galapagos cruises is matched by the land- and sea-based excursions that bring you closer to this natural paradise. Each day on the Galapagos archipelago can be as varied as the islands are different: from diving with sea lions and sharks, to hiking the world’s second largest caldera, to leisurely hiking through mangroves. It is plain to see why Galapagos cruises attract travelers of all ages, activity levels and interests.

We’ve visited just about every corner of the Galapagos since our founder and CEO, Eric Sheets, began crafting tailor-made itineraries of Darwin’s living laboratory since 1998. Because of our trusted relationships with the islands’ vendors, storytellers and eco-visionaries, we offer an array of mind-blowing, insider-access experiences that can not be found anywhere else.

Imagine swimming in the warm crystalline waters with sea lions around the perimeter of Santa Fe Island or penguins at Pinzon Island, unique wildlife experiences that allow you to interact with some of the islands’ most playful creatures. Not ready to jump in the waters just yet? Consider eco-sport fishing for Mahi Mahi or Yellow Fin Tuna, always accompanied by local fisherman committed to marine and species conservation. We can also connect you with a range of wellness activities, from yoga to food therapy.

Allow the transformative powers of this natural treasure and our expertise of Galapagos cruises to form an unforgettable travel experience filled with eco-adventure.

Comfort in a Natural Paradise

So much can be said about the exquisite natural beauty of the Galapagos Islands’€“’€“but what is it actually like to take a Galapagos cruise?

A typical morning on a Galapagos cruise will begin with the soft sounds of nature, luring you out of bed and onto the deck. Accompanied by views of a dramatic volcano, coastal beaches and frigate birds soaring above, your group can convene over a warm breakfast. Once satiated, hop on a dinghy to partake in an up-close exploration of coastal ecosystems that include mangroves, crystalline waters, sea tortoise and sea lions. No Galapagos cruise would be complete without a scuba diving tour guided by a scuba master. Navigate through schools of brightly colored fish and coral habitat while attempting to play catch-up with marine iguanas and even dolphins.

And the best part of embarking on a Galapagos cruise? When the day is done you and yours have the privilege of returning to a welcoming vessel to regroup, recap and reconnect.