The Ultimate Hot Air Balloon and Helicopter Adventures in Latin America

By ~ Eric-Sheets 

Take flight over striking mountains capes, coffee regions and vineyards when you embark on a hot air balloon or helicopter adventure in Latin America. Aerial tours are an unforgettable sky-high experience that can be shared by families, friends or that special someone; all the while, your awe-inspiring soar above distinct landscapes will provide a unique perspective of each destination.

Depending on your preference, flights can range from 45 minutes to 2 hours and lead to incredible photo opportunities. From the frigid tip of Argentina to ancient Mesoamerican temples in Mexico, here are some of our preferred hot air balloon and helicopter experiences in Latin America:


The birthplace of tango and the charming gaucho culture, Argentina is also home to attractive terrains that should be experienced from all viewpoints.

Travel to Ushuaia, the so-called End of the World, located on the southernmost tip of South America. From the resort town, hop on a helicopter for a ride over the historic and narrow Beagle Channel (a 150-mile-long strait connecting the Pacific and Atlantic oceans) and the amazing Andes Mountains. Your flight above will offer some of the least seen views of Argentina.

Near the edge of Southern Patagonia’s Ice Field—the world’s third largest reserve of fresh water—stands El Calafate, a small town with access to mammoth glaciers. Picture the area as a whole and understand the very concept of “River of Ice” as you glide above the glaciers in a warm helicopter. Keep your eyes peeled for the famous Perito Moreno Glacier, a 90 square-mile ice formation that impressively accumulates mass at a rate similar to that of its loss.

Head north some 1700 miles to embark on a memorable balloon ride over the lush vineyards of Mendoza Wine Country. One of the most picturesque settings in South America for a balloon ride, you and yours can share a romantic experience gliding over some of the region’s most famous bodegas. Though rides are offered at sunrise or sunset, early evening is ideal so that the adventure can be wrapped up with a toast of Malbec or Sauvignon Blanc.

Gain a bird’s eye view of the metropolitan capital Buenos Aires when you take a helicopter ride from the so-called Paris of the South to Estancia La Fortuna. Founded in 1873 and fitted with French design and décor, this countryside hotel offers exquisite service and an all-around 5-star experience in the heart of the Argentinean Pampas.


The southernmost country in Central America, Panama, is a gem for birdwatching, snorkeling, and whitewater rafting. As well, it is home to a variety of landscapes, including tropical rainforests and savannas, making Panama a delight to see from above.

Fly over the Panama Canal from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic with first class views of the maritime transit operations and the country’s stunning emerald coast. After returning from the  Atlantic side, you will fly over  Panama  City and have the opportunity to see the most important points of interest, such as  Panama  Viejo,  Casco  Viejo,  the  Causeway, and amazing skyscrapers, before landing safely at the domestic Albrook Airport.


Rooted by its living Mayan culture, Belize is a gorgeous year-round destination with Caribbean shorelines to the east and a thick jungle to the west.

Arrive in style when you take a helicopter transfer from Belize City to Cayo Espanto Luxury Resort, a world-class private island resort. Your private transportation and upscale accommodation are both extremely exclusive and thus safer for you and whomever you bring along.

Fly over Belize’s Great Blue Hole—a giant marine sinkhole with a diameter of 1,043 feet—, the Turneffe Islands (located at the southern end of the Turneffe Atoll), and the massive Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System. Even from high up in the sky, these gorgeous natural wonders will awe you with their grandiose formations.


The largest country in South America, Brazil is most often recognized for its colorful carnivals, sprawling beaches, Amazon rainforest, and, not least, the dramatic Iguazu Falls.

With over 275 falls, the Iguazu cascades are among the most monumental waterfalls in the world, and they only become all the more impressive when viewed from the seat of a helicopter. The Iguazu National Park is shared between Brazil and Argentina, and travelers often argue about which country provides the best experience; forget the debate and enjoy the absolute best views and show as you hover above in a helicopter.


A country remembered for its fresh arepas, strong coffee, and kind locals, Colombia is a country that will make you want to savor every minute of your stay.

Imagine gently gliding over the Coffee Country of Colombia with your closest friends and family in a private hot air balloon experience. After taking in views of the wondrous Andes landscape, come back to ground level for local coffee and a warm breakfast.

Head to the Caribbean coast and fly over the Rosario Islands, an integral part of the Rosario and San Bernardo Corals National Park. Impeccably preserved, these natural gems are just 62 miles off the coast of Cartagena and a welcome contrast from the city.

Mexico City

By land, Mexico is a treasure trove of traditional culture, food and drink; by hot air balloon, the country is a thrilling destination for passengers to cruise over ancient Mesoamerican cities, deserts and tropical lowland jungles.

Watch the sunrise over the Valley of Mexico and Teotihuacan as you pass over the pyramids of the Sun and the Moon in your own private hot air balloon. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this ancient Mesoamerican city was settled as early as 400 B.C. and covers nearly 8 square miles. From above, you will also be able to see single-story residential buildings, plazas, temples and palaces of religious figures.


A small Central American nation, Guatemala is home to a volcanic landscape that is just as striking as the colorful colonial city Antigua, which it surrounds.

From Guatemala city, hop in a helicopter and skim the tops of volcanoes as you head towards the restored Spanish colonial architecture that has made Antigua a tourist favorite. Heading west, passing colorful patchwork fields and highland villages, Lake Atitlan can also be a mesmerizing destination for those looking to catch a chartered flight out of Antigua.

Helicopters provide amazing access to remote sites, including rarely visited jungle ruins like El Mirador, often referred to as the lost Mayan city. Dense forest hugs the Mayan ruins, making them only accessible by a 5-day hike or 90-minute helicopter ride. After perusing the site, enjoy a picnic in the lush jungle of northern Guatemala.

Costa Rica

Rainforests, mountain villages, and crystal clear coastlines, Costa Rica is a mesmerizing destination for hot air balloon tours.

Fly over rainforests and volcanoes down the Pacific Coast as you take in the jaw-dropping scenery. If the weather permits, you can even find yourself ascending towards Arenal volcano, the crest of which rests upon a bed of white clouds. Nearby rivers, forests, and fields provide guaranteed views of nature and even wildlife.

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