National Geographic Islander is one of our preferred luxury yachts for cruising the galapagos

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This 48-passenger luxury yacht offers guests an intimate Galapagos experience, with the amenities and high class service discerning travelers expect. At 164 feet, the National Geographic Islander is perfectly sized and offers a full range of facilities, including an onboard spa and fitness center. From broad open decks (complete with comfy hammocks perfect for iguana-like basking in the sun) to delectable dining on fresh, local food, the Islander delivers a sophisticated and amiable expedition. Her classically nautical interiors, complete with mahogany and gleaming brass fittings, offer comfortable spaces to take in the scenery and relax after an active, but exhilarating day ashore. With ample deck space and public rooms, you can choose to withdraw to a cozy corner by yourself or join others for an engaging conversation and refreshing drink. Onboard, the Global Market showcases and sells items made by the people of Galápagos and Ecuador. You may find hand-carved wooden chess sets and masks, jewelry crafted from recycled glass beads, woven sun hats and locally made bags, locally grown coffee and avocado oil, plus books by some of your naturalists. The Islander includes mainland services in Quito or Guayaquil and cannot be reserved as cruise-only.


By virtue of her affiliation with National Geographic, the Islander’s cruise style focuses on the natural history of the Galapagos Islands and often has photographers on board to assist with tips and lead photography-focused excursions. A nimble and intimately scaled expedition ship, the Islander is able to safely venture where larger cruise ships cannot, allowing for an authentic, up-close experience. Learn about life below the surface with undersea cameras, poke into waterline caves aboard a kayak, and snorkel with playful, inquisitive sea lions. The Islander is a hub of learning and a public address system will keep you updated throughout the day on all activities and any unexpected wildlife sightings. As an option, the expedition leader’s channel allows you to hear lectures in the lounge or any early morning wake-up calls in case of spectacular wildlife sightings. In the lounge, guests gather nightly for the Lindblad-National Geographic tradition of Recap where naturalists share stories and answer questions about the day’s events. Guests are even encouraged to visit the bridge and learn about navigation from the officers, who are also well versed in facts about the rich wildlife of the Galapagos.


Decorated in a rich, nautical design with a mahogany trim, the Islander’s cabins are cozy and well-appointed. All accommodations have a window, and the eight cabins of the upper deck have private, glassed-in terraces for exceptional views of the passing islands. The two most spacious suites feature a wraparound view forward over the bow and off to the side of the ship. Every cabin offers Wi-Fi access, ample closet space and individual climate control.

Ideal for families and those seeking an adventure more than just hospitality; great for multi-generational families

Islander is one of our preferred luxury yachts for cruising in the galapagos islands

discover all of our galapagos journeys

2018 Per Person USD Rates Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4 Category 5
8D / 7N $7,330 $8,290 $9,170 $9,750 $11,860
Single Rates $10,990 $12,440

Additional rates available, contact us for details. Prices are subject to change at time of booking.

Number of Cabins:
Dining room, covered deck with hammocks, lounge, bar, gym, gift shop, library, Doctor's office, lecture room, email station, laundry, spa
164 ft
9 knots
All cabins feature:
Intership telephone, radio and climate controls.
Food Serving Style:
Breakfast and lunch will be served buffet style. Three dinner entrees - meat, fish, or vegetarian
Non-alcoholic beverages aboard included
Single Cabin Supplement:
Children Discount:
Guide Languages:
English, Spanish


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