Napo Wildlife Center hotel is one of our preferred hotels when travelling in ecuador

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At the edge of the great Añangu lake, surrounded by pristine rainforest, rests Napo Wildlife Center, one of Ecuador’s most beloved ecolodges. As the only lodge located inside the mesmerizingly diverse Yasuni National Park, guests experience Ecuador’s rich, extraordinary wildlife and vibrant local culture unlike anywhere else. Designed for nature lovers, this luxury lodge offers guests the chance to escape into the most most biodiverse place on the planet.


The most luxurious eco lodge in the Amazon was built by the indigenous Kichwa Añangu community. Providing spacious, large cabins with solar energy panels and water purification systems, the lodge is dedicated to both environmental and cultural preservation. Napo Cultural Center offers an unforgettable experience to meet the Kichwa Añangu community, taste their flavorful cuisine, and share ancestral rites like the “guayusada” ceremony, and Kichwa Catamaran, which emulates ancient forms of trade in the Amazon.


To get to Napo Wildlife Center, guests journey along the Añangu’s black-water creek by boat under the shaded canopy of the rainforest.

Guests have the chance to see over 600 bird species and hundreds of others like monkeys, jaguars, tapirs, endangered giant otters, turtles, and so many others that make this area of the world home.

From the lodge, guests are treated to guided hikes throughout the forest, and canoe tours along the surrounding waterways. Evening paddle boat rides offer an excellent opportunity to safely get close to black caimans, night monkeys, and others along the edges of the lake. Climb to the top of the lodge’s 40-meter observation tower for the best views of the Amazon.

Ideal fortravelers interested in staying inside one of Ecuador's most pristine Amazon areas, which is great for observing parrots and wildlife

napo wildlife center hotel is one of our preferred hotels when travelling in ecuador

discover all of our ecuador journeys


  • Guided hikes and canoe tours through the rainforest and along the Añangu lake
  • 40-meter observation tower providing full panoramic views of the rainforest
  • Interactive tours with the Kichwa Añangu community, including traditional cuisine and ancestral ceremonies
  • Eco-lodge dedicated to sustainability with solar panels, water purification systems, and cultural preservation


  • Luxury cabins: King-sized and twin-sized bed; Ceiling fan; Safety deposit box; Private balcony with views of Lake Añangu


  • Restaurant featuring local and international cuisine
  • Bar
  • Internet
  • Library
  • Laundry Service
  • Cultural center
  • Boutique with native-made crafts and art

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