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The Art of Travel Itineraries

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Travel is much more deeply connected to a place when local citizens in destination countries are at the heart of unlocking special experiences. This is the essence of the shift to sustainable travel. We aren’t just passing through. We actively choose our local partners and guides, and it’s these trusted relationships that are the bedrock on which we craft our innovative, award-winning travel itineraries. From private adventures that wow your group; to special live musical experiences for audiophiles and those who love to dance; to high calibre art and culinary experiences; to spending time with wise indigenous peoples who may just change how you see the world – Latin Excursions travel planners are a special breed of trip choreographer.  

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What is Sustainable Travel and how is it part of our journeys?

Society’s ideas about what responsible travel is has shifted recently, and we’re very much for it. Yes, we are thinking about climate change, but we are also thinking about all the people on-the-ground in our destination countries who rely on making an income from travel. It’s more important than ever to rethink travel’s impact. When we choose to be aware and informed, we can decide how to shape travel for the better. (continued below)

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The Covid-19 pandemic, in many ways, has accelerated this shift in thinking. As global travel shut down in 2020, countless local incomes shrivelled, and we watched over-tourism become no tourism over night. This difficult moment gave all of us in the travel industry the opportunity to pause and evaluate not just how the travel industry harms local places, but how we can be agents for change. As a company, we have become especially clear about how responsible travel is less about making the least impact and more about ensuring the greatest benefit for travellers and destinations. This is an intentional distinction, and it fosters an entire approach to crafting travel itineraries: providing rare and transformative travel experiences (what we have always done) must also support partners and organizations who are stewards of ecological conservation and economic justice. Local communities feel respected and are rewarded for adopting best practices, and travellers return home with a greater understanding of the natural world and the communities who nurture it.

We are thrilled to work with inspiring partners such as Petit Maribel, owner of Sol y Luna, whose authentic casita-style accommodations in the Sacred Valley of Peru continue to promote values of social and environmental sustainability; and eco-entrepreneurs Reyna Oleas and Roberto Plaza, who, with their completely sustainable projects in the Galapagos, have proven that luxury travel can be rooted in the conservation of wildlife. 

In each destination country we visit, travellers can tap into the energy and knowledge of eco-visionaries, expert guides and special local projects. We hope to see our model of eco-tourism increasingly put into action by other travel companies so that a commitment to Planet and People becomes the ‘new normal’ for our industry.

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We aim to exceed client expectations. No detail is too small. From upscale accommodations and food, to the guides chosen for you – all our partners exemplify a high-end approach to customer service. Tell us what you’re after – local rhythms and culture? Trekking in remote places? Rare birds? Let us stitch together a masterful itinerary with seamless travel connections.

Authenticity & Privacy

Choreographing authentic experiences means knowing places exceedingly well and building trust with local partners. Wonderful characters and local guides bring alive their world through stories, deep knowledge, and special access to places. This is why we believe in private travel experiences: they offer the flexibility to take you to areas not visited by most tourists.

A Personal Note


In Spring 2004, then a corporate-world warrior, I decided to bring some colleagues to the Galapagos Islands for an adventure in Darwin’s archipelago. My Ecuadorian mother instilled in me a deep love and appreciation for the islands, so this adventure to the Galapagos was a chance to share my insider knowledge with fellow travellers. The success of that first trip left me yearning for more … and I set out on a path combining insider knowledge of places with the transformative power of travel. Latin Excursions was born. 15+ years later, we continue to have fun sharing our connections and insider knowledge of Latin America.

Travel ought to be transformative.




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Our Future

We are passionate about finding secluded places and gems in the region to share with our community of avid travelers. We are constantly innovating and personalizing our client trips with new experiences. We will continue to explore new places and experiences that share our values of slow travel, respect for communities and the environment. We are reminded of humanity’s vast interconnectivity, to which we owe so much of life’s treasures. The pandemic reminded us what it is to connect with our loved ones and to appreciate life’s simplicities that many times passes us by. Now is the time to reconnect with Nature and people. We at Latin Excursions are here to ensure that you can reconnect with these two most important part of living.

Giving Back

Our local partners in South America share so much with us. We feel it’s important to give back. Latin Excursions supports the following organizations:
Foundation La Vecina
By providing quality education, Foundation La Vecina gives the children in the district of La Boquilla, in Cartagena, a chance for a better future.
Tomas de Berlanga School
The Tomas de Berlanga School is part of the work of the Scalesia Foundation, a local champion for education reform in the Galapagos Islands.
Morrinho Art Project
A cultural project originally started by teens in 1998 as a game to escape the realities of violence and corruption in the Vila Pereira da Silva favela, Projecto Morrinho is a 320m² model of Rio de Janeiro.
A shelter for adolescent mothers in Cusco, Peru, Mantay gives teenagers the opportunity to assume and enjoy their motherhood in a safe, supportive environment.