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Six Pristine & Private Getaways

Travel makes real what videos and blogs can only represent: travel allows us to be fully immersed in other cultures and parts of the world; to taste, feel and see something new, while strengthening our bond to nature and those who accompany us on the journey—including ourselves. In short, travel is what connects us.

With the power to be transformative and long lasting, these connections accumulate energy, recharging our souls with inspiration, wonder and compassion. And considering the last few months, we could all use a bit of each.

With a deep understanding of your concerns for health and safety, we’ve gathered a thoughtful list of pristine and private getaways in Latin America for you to enjoy with friends and family when the time is right.


Corocora Camp, Llanos Orientales

An exclusive tented camp in the vast tropical grassland plain of Llanos Orientales, Corocora Camp allows visitors to connect to nature without forgoing quality service or comfort. There are just four deluxe sleeping tents available, which means the site can be bought out by a family or group of friends for a truly exclusive experience.

Situated to the east of the Andes in Colombia, next to the Orinoco River basin, a brilliant array of wildlife will accompany you as you delve into the authentic ranch culture and cattle herding, go horseback riding or birdwatching and learn about Corocora Camp’s very own conservation projects.

Arriving at this secluded spot is a short flight from the Bogota international airport. As well, we can arrange a private jet charter to take you swiftly to the remote private reserve.

La Rocca, Tierra Bomba Island

Though just 20 minutes by boat from the buoyant city of Cartagena, this private seaside villa from Nahbu is worlds away from the crowds and typical touristic sites that frequent the Walled City. Located on the island of Tierra Bomba, you will find absolute comfort in this 4-bedroom paradisiacal beachfront villa, complete with an infinity pool overlooking the azure Caribbean.

Rosario Islands Cartagena day trips

Make this intimate and serene setting feel like home as you spend your days relaxing poolside, walking along the soft sandy beach, kayaking and enjoying the local cuisine. From the Rafael Núñez International Airport in Cartagena, Colombia, this seaside villa can be reached by a private boat in under half an hour.


Estancia Bahía Esperanza, Puerto Natales

Not your standard hotel by any conventional means, Estancia Bahia Esperanza is a private home with three bedrooms, making it ideal for large families, small groups of friends or even couples who are interested in reserving the entire space for a private getaway. In fact, it can only be booked on a whole-house, all-inclusive service basis anyways.

Tuck into this secluded Patagonian ranch, complete with an organic orchard and cozy fireplace, for an authentic experience and enjoy the luxury of silence. Full-day and half-day trips to nearby scenic sites such as Torres del Paine National Park can be arranged, as well as hiking, biking or horseback riding along remote trails.

Awasi Patagonia

Situated in a private reserve overlooking Lake Sarmiento, nearby forest, pampas and Torres del Paine, the unique design of Awasi Patagonia perfectly blends with nature, as the villas were inspired by old Patagonian shelters and ranching outposts. Completely carbon neutral, each of the 14 private villas are assigned a private guide and 4WD so you can explore at your own pace. You will have access to off-the-beaten path hiking trails, superb wildlife viewing points, incredibly fresh and gourmet meals and more—all to draw you into the untamed beauty that is Patagonia.

Awasi Patagonia can be reached by private transportation from the international airport Presidente Carlos Ibáñez del Campo airport in Punta Arenas, Chile (a 5-hour drive).


Sacromonte, Pueblo Eden

A coalescence of great wine and enchanting nature, Sacramonte is a remote destination that will be relished by oenophiles and sybarites. Located in Maldonado, it is just 90 minutes west of Montevideo’s Carrasco International Airport.

After a delicious breakfast served in the privacy of your refuge, enjoy a hike to Lote8 Olive Oil Boutique Plant to visit the production facilities followed by a tasting of their olive oil. Afterwards, drive to Viña Eden Winery to enjoy lunch. During the afternoon, we suggest a yoga class overlooking the vineyards in the privacy of your refuge. Private Dinner at “La Casona” in Pueblo Eden hosted by Sacromonte can also be arranged.

La Bendición Lodge, Durazno

If you are into horseback riding, fly fishing or golf, then the remote La Bendición Lodge would be an ideal fit. Located in the beautiful countryside of Uruguay and hugged by the Rio Negro, this large ranch allows guests to partake in a variety of nautical and landbased activities.

The charming decor preserves the history of this family-owned farm and lodge, while elements such as the giant fireplace will make you feel perfectly at home. Near the main house are two renovated train wagons outfitted to become your favorite reading space, the Stone Bar for an afternoon of cocktails and pool, and of course the white sand beach that presents striking sunsets night after night.

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