Traditional Vacation Tour vs. Private Tour

Do You Like to Go Your Own Way?

For as long as vacations have been taken the vacation tour, better known as a “group tour” has existed. There is a good reason for this; it’s far easier to let someone else plan all the logistics. The is especially true when traveling to foreign destinations. Until recently, private tours were only for the very well heeled. But all that has changed!

Group Tours versus Private Tours

Back in the 1980’s, after airline deregulation, the travel industry began to explode around the world. Baby boomers; those born after World War II, were coming of age, having children and hungry for new experiences. Vacation tour operators sprang up everywhere, usually emanating from the local travel agent down the street. Someone with a sharp pencil figured out that a bus could hold 35 people. Airlines and hotels offer a special rate for groups willing to travel together. Bingo! The local travel expert could lead their neighbors all around the world and make a business out of it. This grew and grew and grew! Many of those operators are some of the largest vacation companies in the world today. But somewhere along the line, people who had the where-with-all became tired of the cookie-cutter tour experience and began to seek out travel professionals who had the expertise to provide a more personal experience.

Precious Vacation Time

Now, more than ever, people are looking to get the most out of their vacation time. It is precious and fleeting. We all have certain things we like to do when we are on vacation. It doesn’t coincide with the group vacation tour plan. What if you could enjoy the benefits and value of the traditional vacation tour without all the parts you don’t want? After all, traveling in a group always has the early bird and the tardy one and that’s just for starters!

A private tour begins with a destination, or a group of destinations. The logistics of getting to and from there is the next step. But after that, how you fill the days and nights is entirely up to you! Lovers of wine want to sample special bottles and talk with vintners about their craft. Foodies who also like to cook themselves are looking for an immersion experience that puts them in a hands-on situation. Hikers hike. Bikers bike. Shoppers shop. Any destination in South America can be personalized lightly or with gusto! It’s up to you. Split time between relaxation and activities you truly enjoy.

When you enlist the help of a private travel specialist, they have visited the hotels and villas, selecting only those they are proud to suggest in the itinerary. The already work with the local guides that have been fully vetted, sights not to be missed, artisans to visit along the way… even where to have lunch. These are the types of plans that come into play when planning a private tour. You can be involved as much as you like or leave it to the professionals to map out your time spent on vacation. Some people have the time to spend hours researching where to go and what to do. Those of us who do not have the time or like to do that sort of thing will find an extra bonus in having someone else do it all. You say, “Just tell me what to pack and when to be at the airport!”

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