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Explore the northern Gal?pagos Islands in comfort aboard the luxury yacht, Isabela II, for a 7-day islands cruise from San Cristobal to Santiago, Fernandina, and Isabela. For an elegant, relaxing adventure, the yacht?s convivial atmosphere leads to an intimate experience of this unique part of the world. With gourmet meals and al-fresco dining created by a Cordon Bleu chef, dine on five-star cuisine aboard this exquisite ship that also boasts flawless service, a hot tub, fitness room, and deck-side bar serving handcrafted cocktails while you sunbathe between island hops.

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San Cristobal Island

Arrive on San Cristobal Island in time to transfer to the Isabela II. Settle into your cabin, then gather for an introduction by your guides as you sit down for lunch.

This afternoon, visit the Cerro Colorado Breeding Center at Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. The center specializes in saving the highly endangered giant tortoise, as well as many bird species and the native San Cristobal lava lizard.

Return to the ship to enjoy a handcrafted cocktail and a specially prepared dinner as the ship sets off for tomorrow?s destination.


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Genovesa Island

This morning, arrive at Genovesa Island, a bird haven for Nazca and red-footed boobies, great frigatebirds, and storm petrels. On shore, you find colonies of Gal?pagos fur seals as you explore this dramatic island. Climb Prince Philip?s Steps, a set of stairs built into the rocks, overlooking the turquoise waters. Snorkel or kayak to see the many tropical fish right below the surface.

In the afternoon, walk Darwin Bay, an easy stroll to observe herons, finches, mockingbirds, and more Nazca and red-footed boobies. Take the opportunity to traverse the lava, stepping onto this alien-like terrain, or return to the waters for more snorkeling and swimming in this beautiful natural harbour.


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Santiago Island

After breakfast, find yourself along the impressive beaches of Buccaneer?s Cove, surrounded by sea lions, birds, and tidal pools filled with interesting creatures. Gaze upon tremendous rock formations, such as ?The Bishop,? an impressive natural cave. This is a fantastic site to snorkel or hop aboard our glass-bottom boat to float above the wide variety of tropical fish below.

This afternoon, explore Puerto Egas, a landscape filled with volcanic stone and lava flows. At low tide, marine iguanas graze upon the algae beds while birds flock high above.


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Fernandina Island / Isabela Island

This morning, visit Punta Espinoza on the youngest island of the archipelago, Fernandina. A stunning visual landscape, this island has an amazing combination of barren lands contrasted with abundant wildlife. Spot the Gal?pagos hawk, penguins, flightless cormorants, and many colonies of marine iguanas. Dive into these waters for an up close and personal view of marine life.

After lunch, just across the narrow Bolivar Channel from Punta Espinoza, spend the afternoon at Tagus Cove on Isabela Island. This cove, once a popular anchorage for pirates and whalers, features an uphill hike that takes you to the rim of Darwin Crater, a submerged crater filled with salt water. Take a panga ride or your own kayak around the island to spot local wildlife, or dive right in and snorkel amongst Gal?pagos penguins.


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Isabela Island

After breakfast, step onto the shores of Urbina Bay, an area with a strange origin. Once the ocean floor, a seismic event in 1954 pushed it to the surface along with the coral reef once living on it. Now, find the remains of those corals and shells leading you to the beach. This area is also home to large and very colourful Gal?pagos land iguanas, as well as the occasional giant tortoise. Along the shoreline you?ll find flightless cormorants and penguins.

This afternoon, hop into a skiff to explore the beach-less Punta Vicente Roca. Your naturalist guides explain the dramatic geology of the area while you keep an eye out for abundant wildlife. If the weather is right, you?ll have a chance to snorkel along the cliffs in the company of green sea turtles and penguins.


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Rabida Island / Santa Cruz Island

In the morning, lay eyes upon the heart of the Galapagos: Rabida Island, with its red sands and cliffs. Sea lions, marine iguanas, mockingbirds, yellow warblers, and several species of Darwin?s finches live on this red rock. This is a fantastic place to snorkel or hop in a kayak. The glass-bottom boat will also be available.

After lunch, find yourself on Dragon Hill, Cerro Drag?n, on Santa Cruz Island. Take a leisurely walk past a lagoon frequented by flamingos, ducks, and stilts. Further along, the trail brings you to the nesting area of land iguanas, and finally it opens up to a beautiful view of the bay and the western islands.


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Baltra Island

Today, the journey ends back at Baltra Island where your guides will transfer you to the airport for your flight home.

NOTE: The above itinerary reflects the intended program, however, should be read as a guide only. The actual itinerary will depend on weather conditions, wildlife encounters, and any unforeseen circumstances beyond the operator?s control.

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