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Travel in luxury to the Galápagos aboard the Passion, an exclusive, intimate yacht fully endorsed by WildAid. Take an 8-day small ship cruise to Santa Cruz, Floreana, Isabela and other western islands aboard this previously private luxury yacht. Retaining most of its original elegance, such as the rose-colored marble bathrooms and teak wood decks, 12 guests travel comfortably, staying in spacious, air-conditioned suites with luxurious bathrooms. Dine on gourmet cuisine from the lavish panoramic sky lounge and bar, or al fresco on one of three decks, including a sun deck with a secluded jacuzzi. Explore the magic of the Galápagos on foot, by kayak, or panga ride at every stop along the way. Treat yourself to world-class personalized service with local guides who specialize in fields you request.

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Arrive / Santa Cruz Island

Arrive at Baltra Airport where your guides will greet you. Start your adventure right away at Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island. Visit Fausto Llerena Tortoise Breeding Center, where you will see tortoises from the many islands in their different stages of life, from eggs, juveniles, and adults as they are nurtured until they are ready for release.

Spend the rest of the afternoon exploring Puerto Ayora’s shops and local history before boarding the Passion around 5 pm. Meet the captain and crew, settle into your room, then sit down to a specially prepared dinner. As the sun sets over the tropics, take in the exquisite colors as they give way to a beautiful star-filled sky.


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Floreana Island

Start the day on Floreana Island, the legendary homestead of the infamous Baroness Eloise Von Wagner de Bousquet. Walk along the green olivine beaches at Punta Cormorant where you will pass greater flamingos on your way to a white sand sea turtle nesting ground. Take a short panga ride to Devil’s Crown where you can snorkel, swimming amongst myriads of tropical fish and rays.

After lunch walk the historic beach at Post Office Bay, visiting the barrel that served as the “post office” for whalers centuries ago. Continue the tradition of mail delivery by picking a card from the barrel with an address you can hand deliver, and leave one yourself. Kayak the waters once traveled by whalers and pirates.


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Floreana Island

This morning walk along Black Beach learning about the mysterious past of Floreana Island. With one of the few fresh water sources in the Galápagos, Asilo de La Paz, this was the first island to be inhabited. Explore the caves that pirates used as hideouts and where the first Galapegueño was born to the Baroness and one of her many lovers, all of whom began to disappear after settling on the island.

Afterward, spend the afternoon searching for whales and dolphins, which make up a large percentage of the Galápagos marine wildlife. Travel the waters between Floreana and Isabela Island where you will touch down on the white sand beach at the foot of the Cerro Azul volcano. You’ll have the chance to dip into the waters in your own kayak to continue searching for whales and dolphins, or snorkel amongst the vast number of fish just below the surface.


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Isabela Island

After breakfast step onto Punta Moreno, a gorgeous landscape covered by the rope-like pahoehoe lava flow surrounded by giant shield volcanoes, some of which are still active. Hike to a lagoon where flamingos reside and brightly colored land iguanas roam.

This afternoon walk the black sand beach at Urbina Bay, a prime nesting site for green sea turtles. Notice the remnants of coral heads and marine fossils that were lifted off the seafloor during a seismic event. Hike inland to search for giant tortoises as they migrate to and from the highlands. Snorkel in search of more fossils and witness the active underwater life that has taken over.


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Isabela Island / Fernandina Island

Land near Tagus Cove, an historic pirate hideaway where many of them wrote the name of their ships on the cliff face. Hike the beautiful trails to Darwin Lake, a saltwater crater lagoon surrounded by volcanic rock.

After lunch cross the Bolivar Channel to Fernandina Island, one of the world’s most pristine sites. Stroll the shoreline of Punta Espinosa where you will find flightless cormorants, sea lions, Galápagos penguins and hawks, marine iguanas, and flame bright Sally Lightfoot crabs.


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Santiago Island

Step onto the dark volcanic beach at Puerto Egas on Santiago Island. Sleepy Galápagos fur seals lounge under arches of lava carved by the ocean. Crystalline pools, also known as “grottos” punctuate the shoreline like honeycomb, attracting schools of fish you can see up close when snorkeling. Kayak along the shoreline with sea lions at your side and birds flying overhead.

At nearby Buccaneer Cove, so named after the British buccaneers who sought refuge here centuries ago, take a panga ride to view the scenic cliffs, beaches, and two unusual rock formations known as “The Monk” and “Elephant Rock.”

This afternoon, head to central Santiago Island where you’ll disembark at Espumilla Beach, a golden-colored beach where green sea turtles nest. Hike the trails through the largest Palo Santo trees on the islands, home to yellow warblers, Galápagos flycatchers, and the ever-intriguing Darwin finches.


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Santiago Island / North Seymour Island

After breakfast, explore Santiago Island’s Sullivan Bay, covered by a recent lava flow. Hike across the fresh pahoehoe lava formations and lava bubbles containing crystallized minerals and plants. Spot Galápagos penguins and herons along the shoreline.

On North Seymour Island, a small uplifted island, walk right up to bird nesting colonies of frigate birds, blue-footed boobies, and swallow-tailed gulls.


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Mosquera Island / Baltra Airport

Spend the morning on Mosquera Island, a small islet between Baltra and North Seymour Island. Home to one of the largest sea lion colonies, orcas also occasionally come into the islet to feed.

A haven for shorebirds, you’ll find a myriad of Galapagos birds throughout the island. Take one last opportunity to glimpse the many unique species of wildlife before sailing back to Baltra.

Return to Baltra for your return flight home.

NOTE: The above itinerary reflects the intended program, however, should be read as a guide only. The actual itinerary will depend on weather conditions, wildlife encounters, and any unforeseen circumstances beyond the operator’s control.

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