Luxury Riverboat Cruise aboard the

Aria Amazon

Venture deep into the Peruvian Amazon rainforest aboard the Aria Amazon within the five million pristine acres of Pacaya Samiria Reserve, a protected area teeming with wildlife. Spot pairs of blue-and-yellow macaw, flocks of snowy egrets, laughing falcons and Amazon kingfishers, caiman, squirrel monkeys frolicking in the trees and pink dolphins poking their dorsal fins above the river water while colossal Victoria Regia water lilies float on the water’s surface. Travel aboard a luxury riverboat reminiscent of an elegant boutique hotel. The Aria Amazon features spacious suites and exquisite Amazonian cuisine at every meal. From the remote city of Iquitos to the Ucayali and Marañon Rivers, fish for piranha, trek along winding trails, and visit communities living largely as they have for centuries. Naturalist guides lead you through the rainforest, providing a wealth of information about the exotic plants and wildlife under an astounding jungle canopy.


The high water season provides a striking visual landscape and flurry of navigable waterways. Temperatures average 86°F (30°C). The ship sails deeper into the jungle where wildlife abounds, but exploring on land decreases. The likelihood of reeling in a memorable catch also lowers.

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Iquitos / Nauta / Embarkation / Maranon River

Meet at Iquitos International Airport before journeying through the Peruvian countryside by air-conditioned vehicle to Nauta Lounge. Lunch will be served in the lounge or, depending on flight arrival time, a box lunch may be served en route.

At 6 pm, board the Aria Amazon. Settle into a spacious suite as the ship sets off into the birthplace of the Amazon. Following a routine safety drill and introduction to the ship’s naturalist guides, enjoy an impeccable Amazonian feast from Executive Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino whose restaurant, Malabar, is one of Lima’s top-ranked restaurants.


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Amazon River / Yarapa River / Nauta Cano

Set sail in a comfortable skiff from the Amazon to the Yarapa River. Spot tropical songbirds, black collared hawks, and sloths with binoculars. Fish for the notoriously ferocious piranha while naturalist guides share stories of Lake Moringo.

In the evening, the ship sails through the black waters of Nauta Caño. Observe animals awake only at night and enjoy extraordinary stargazing from the depths of the jungle.


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Maranon Creek / Suspended Bridges / Yanayacu-Pucate River

At sunrise, explore a “lost river” along the Marañon River. Following breakfast, set out on a thrilling jungle walk across suspended bridges high above the rainforest.

Kayak, canoe, or swim in these unspoiled black waters of the Yanayacu-Pucate River where Amazon’s legendary pink dolphins are known to live.

Tonight, look into the sky with high tech telescopes as guides point out planets and constellations that shine ever brighter against the Amazon’s dark backdrop.


day04-skiff-ride-aria-amazon-latin-excursions-372x372 Amazon Cruise - Aria (High Water)


Nauta Town / Manatee Rescue Center / Transfer to Airport

Visit an outdoor market with guides who can point out the various Amazonian fish caught that morning by local fishermen as well as the many exotic fruits grown in the rainforest. Return to the Aria Amazon for breakfast and to pack.

After breakfast, visit the Manatee Rescue Center where Amazonian manatees are rescued, rehabilitated, then released back into the wild.

En route to the airport, stop at the San Juan craft market to shop for some last-minute souvenirs and locally made goods.

Other local activities may be included as well depending on time. Lunch will be served or, depending on departure flight time, a box lunch will be provided.

NOTE: The above itinerary reflects the intended program, however, should be read as a guide only. The actual itinerary will depend on weather conditions, wildlife encounters, and any unforeseen circumstances beyond the operator’s control.

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