Spring Break/Summer Trip Ideas for 2019

Exciting Travel Opportunities with Latin Excursions

With the holidays coming to an end, it’s time to begin making those New Year’s resolutions. Take a second to reflect on this year and what it meant to you. Maybe you wanted to be more active, perhaps you wanted to spend more time with family, or who knows maybe you accomplished all of your hopes and dreams. Either way, we at Latin Excursions believe 2019 is going to be an exciting time to explore the best luxury adventure travel experiences on the market. From beachfront bungalows in Panama to treehouses among giant turtles in Galapagos, we have you covered. Our goal is to allow each one of our travelers to have a unique travel experience that makes you feel connected to a new country and culture for life.

Our Latin Excursions’ trip specialists have come up with a handful of different destinations and accommodations that we recommend visiting for Spring Break or Summer in 2019. Enjoy!

Isla Palenque, Panama

A few months ago, Latin Excursions owner Eric Sheets visited Costa Rica to attend Remote Latin America travel show. One of the guest speakers was Hans Pfister, owner of the Cayuga Collection which Isla Palenque Hotel happens to be a part of. Hans advocated for everyone to make at least one change in our daily lives to make our world more sustainable. It’s easier said than done, but I’m confident that a visit to this amazing island-jungle lodge can change your perspective…

Only 5% of the island has been carefully & sustainably developed so guests at Isla Palenque will find plenty of serenity and seclusion. Accommodations include just eight gorgeous beachfront casitas and a six-bedroom villa perfect for families or groups of friends.

Galapagos Magic Camp

What if I told you that Latin Excursions could provide you with the opportunity to stay in a treehouse, in the Galapagos Islands, with giant Galapagos turtles awaiting your arrival? You probably would think I was crazy, but I would tell you to pack your bags because it’s time to go. This property on Santa Cruz Island is a true gem for travelers looking to discover Galapagos off the beaten path.

If you plan to visit Machu Picchu in a hurry, or find yourself on Ecuador’s mainland, a stay at the Galapagos Magic Camp can enable a quick, but truly meaningful journey to Santa Cruz Island without breaking the bank. The owners manage a private yacht only available to guests of the camp, so opportunities to snorkel and visit nearby islands are possible.

This lodge fits best with our Galapagos Magic Camp Explorer itinerary and combines well with a Coral I or II Cruise.

Galapagos Cruise – Evolution

One of our favorite spring break or summer options is to board the 32-passenger Galapagos Evolution luxury yacht. Starting from either San Cristobal Island or Baltra Island, this 8 day/7-night cruise is the perfect way for families or couples to get a firsthand, private glimpse of Darwin’s brilliant theory or natural selection by snorkeling, hiking, kayaking or simply wildlife watching from the deck, daily.

From the outside, Galapagos Evolution is instantly recognizable with its tall sail masts, vintage-style wooden balconies and dramatic narrowing hull, while within, the cabin décor is decidedly contemporary, lounge areas are comfortable and an outdoor sundeck with Jacuzzi will surely keep you coming back for more. All of this, plus plenty of onboard excursion equipment, kayaks, dinghies and guides, help the Evolution stand out among the more unique luxury Galapagos cruise vessels.

Route and Itinerary from Isla San Cristobal
Route and Itinerary from Isla Baltra

Alto Atacama – Desert Lodge & Spa in the Chilean Altiplano 

For a more bizarre land-based luxury adventure tour in South America, consider heading south to San Pedro de Atacama in Chile and leave the world for a while. The Alto Atacama Desert Lodge & Spa combines luxury with traditional design in charming terracotta that blends seamlessly with the deep red rock of the surrounding landscape. At this desert lodge, it’s inevitable but to notice the drifting silent sands of the Atacama Desert while they reveal ancient remains of lost indigenous civilizations.

It may be a challenge to tear yourself away from the Alto Atacama with its natural thermal pools and several swimming pools nestled in beautifully landscapes gardens, but it is worth it! Enjoy the company of other travelers for daily excursions in the breathtaking Atacama Desert, where high altitude mountain lakes and otherworldly landscapes leave you in awe. Highlights include the Tatio geysers, the highest and third largest geothermal field in the world, as well as the eerie Moon Valley, the Atacama Salt Lake, fascinating archaeological sites and quaint adobe villages. We recommend visiting our Pre-designed Journey to Chile itinerary to learn more about visiting the Atacama Desert with Latin Excursions!

If you haven’t already, take a look at our Atacama Desert Experience

Peru Adventure Tour: Journey to Machu Picchu and the Peruvian Amazon

The mystical country of Peru stretches from the northwestern coast of South America over the spine of the Andes and into the dense tropical jungle of the Amazon basin. From its eternal coastal deserts to the highest navigable lake in the world, Peru’s landscapes are as diverse as they are spectacular. We recommend this itinerary particularly for the months of March and April for a few particular reasons.

March and early April are in the shoulder season for Peru’s climate and it seemingly intertwines with the number of travelers that visit as well. During this time, it’s expected that you will experience occasional rainstorms at Machu Picchu and in the Amazon, but it is soon followed by sunshine and cool winds depending on your location and altitude.

This journey is custom-tailored for travelers looking to experience Machu Picchu and the Amazon all in one trip. The terrain of Peru is wild, and this itinerary is designed to give you a taste of its many different microclimates. Don’t worry, the food follows along with the microclimates and you can find fusion cuisine in nearly every city you visit. Over the span of nine days, you will be overlooking the Pacific Ocean from the shore in Lima, descending into the Sacred Valley of the Incas from 12,000 ft. in Cusco’s Andes, discovering the Seventh Wonder of the World, and entering the world’s largest rainforest!

For a day-by-day itinerary and more information, visit The Peru Adventure Tour.

Someone once said, “your journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” We encourage you to take the first step by reviewing our collection of itineraries, hotels, villas, and ships to choose from here at Latin Excursions. Then, give us a call for your free, no obligation, trip assessment and to learn why travel experts like Wendy Perrin, Travel+Leisure and others recommend our services for private Latin America travel.

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