The Galapagos Islands Need Your Help

By ~ Eric-Sheets 

Despite having reopened months ago for tourism, the remote Galapagos Islands continue to struggle economically in the wake of the global pandemic. In March 2020, when the spread of Covid-19 caused travel to come to a halt, families and local businesses felt the negative effects immediately.

For the Ecuadorian islands, where 90% of the economy is dependent on tourism, the sudden plummet in visitors was as if the archipelago’s backbone had vanished.

Be Part of the Solution

Lindblad Expeditions and Island Conservation have partnered with a local non-profit, FUNCAVID, to create a campaign of hope and solidarity with the Galapagos community. All funds will go directly to those affected in the form of community-based loans. Priority will be given to basic needs such as food security and education. 

Donations will also go towards wildlife conservation of the area famously documented by Charles Darwin in the 19th century. And it’s not only the consequence of  ‘undertourism’ that threatens the ecosystems and wildlife of this World Heritage Site. To make matters worse, for much of 2020 a fleet of Chinese fishing vessels have been stationed at the edge of the islands’ marine preserve to snatch up wildlife and, perhaps unknowingly, pollute the waters of one of the last pristine places on earth.

What it Means to Us

As a travel company, Latin Excursions believes firmly in supporting this cause. We have supported environmental and sustainability causes in this destination since we began taking travelers on bespoke Galapagos journeys.

Whether you have experienced the Galapagos Islands yourself and share our fascination for the remote destination, or you have it on your places to visit in the near future, you have the power to help with a donation, no matter how big or small. Because tourism is fragile. We can’t expect it to take care of us. We need to take care of it. Learn more and donate here.

A destination dear to our hearts, we know that the Galapagos will once again thrive with the insistence and support of travelers like you.

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