Exclusive Colombia Experiences

By ~ Eric-Sheets 

Long revered for producing some of the best coffee in the world, Colombia is a reenergizing destination for many reasons that go beyond the irresistible caffeine buzz: a bustling capital city; sightseeing excursions that take you up emerald mountains by bike or foot; the pulse of vallenato (traditional folk music); attractive beaches; strong aguardiente and, of course, a colorful and magical culture. Its diversity in scenery, pace and activities makes Colombia a year-round welcome destination for any kind of traveler.

After social distancing for what has seemed like an eternity, what better way to reconnect with that special someone than by accompanying each other on a safe and carefully curated journey? We suggest some inspirational stays in Colombia. Private villas and nature-immersed lodges offer safe and exclusive accommodations.

Chartered Flights to Remote Regions

A country of vast biodiversity, it would seem nearly impossible to see all regions of Colombia in less than two weeks’€”and yet, onboard a private charter flight with just your family or close circle of friends, this type of exploration can become a safe and exclusive reality.

Go horseback riding in Los Llanos, the tropical grasslands east of the Andes; trek along the Crystal Channel on the edge of the Amazon; venture to the Caribbean coast to get a taste of the vibrant port city, Cartagena, then (between September-October) head into the Pacific waters for an exciting afternoon of whale watching.

If this is your pace’€”spending a few days in each region before hopping on a private plane for a new adventure’€”contact us for details and to begin planning.

Two Private Villas ‘€“ Ideal for Families

When traveling with little ones, it is best to keep the logistics to a bare minimum’€”perhaps now more than ever. Escape with ease to the fully-furnished villas Casa Yahri and Casa La Rocca. Located in the quaint town of Barichara in northern Colombia, Casa Yahri offers privileged views of lush gardens and plenty of private spaces, from refreshing pools to secluded balconies.

Just beyond your private villa’s premises, the town’s cobbled streets, nearby coffee farms and immersive workshops make for alluring excursions to get a taste of local life. Considered to be a hotspot for outdoor adventure activities, Barichara will get your heart pumping with options for hiking, rafting, paragliding and more.

Whereas Casa Yahri offers absolute comfort with a cozy sensibility, Casa la Rocca takes exclusivity to an entirely new level of luxury. Venture to the paradisaical villa situated upon Tierra Bomba Island by way of a swift 20-minute boat ride from the shores of Colombia’s colonial gem, Cartagena de Indias. This private, 4-bedroom seaside villa is tastefully decorated in earthen tones which allow the azure Caribbean waters to take center stage. Step from the infinity pool to the private beach or request a private boat trip to the Rosario Islands and explore the archipelago’s crystal clear waters and white sand beaches.

Reconnecting with Nature ‘€“ 3 Stunning Eco-lodges

Bogota, Colombia’s capital, is a sprawling city with wide open plazas, public parks and colonial charm. As the nation’s cultural hub, secluded stays and nearby nature-based excursions abound.

Begin your journey at the boutique hotel, Casa Legado. Sweet and family-inspired, you will quickly feel like you belong in this luxurious mid-century home surrounded by gardens that will seduce you into believing you are in a remote country cottage. Just as colorful and quirky as the neighborhood in which it resides, Quinta Camacho, you can request a massage or private yoga class in the atrium or outdoors spaces of Casa Legado.

A two-hour drive west, venture deep into nature for a side trip into coffee paradise at La Palma y El Tucán. Less than a dozen private cabins are sprinkled across the expansive coffee fields in Zipacón, meaning you have an absolutely unique opportunity to connect with nature and follow the process behind one of Colombia’s greatest claims to fame.

A short domestic flight north to Tayrona lands you at an exceptional stay at Villa Playa Tayrona, pictured above. Surrounded by river, sea and gardens, this boutique hotel is just 2 kilometers from the Tayrona National Park, a protected area at the convergence of the mountains and Carribean coast. Stunningly picturesque, you will be filled with gratitude for rewarded yourself with such an experience.

Ready to experience Colombia for yourself? Talk with us: info@latinexcursions.com